Thursday, May 3, 2007

Did people actually procreate prior to the internet??

My dear Jo kept stressing the importance of a birth plan to me. When I say she stressed it, I mean that at multiple times in the same conversation she would say, "Make a birth plan... NOW." And this didn't occur during the course of a single conversation, no, she mentioned it during every one.

I completely understand why, though. Sheesh, there are about a million things listed in birth plans that I never even considered stating to the attending midwife, doctor or whoever is delivering my kid. The obvious things, like pains meds, epidurals, circumcision, all occured to me, but then I realized, at the particular time you are being asked certain questions by the medical staff, you're not in your proper state of mind. Having this set up ahead of time makes so much sense.

I found a few sites online that had everything spelled out in painstaking detail. It will be great to hand the birth plan over to whoever is in charge of delivering this hypothetical child.

In other news, one week until my doctor's appointment. Good grief, I can't believe I am actually excited to see my doctor for a physical and have various pieces of equipment shoved places nothing metal should go...

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