Thursday, May 3, 2007

The obsession, it continues

I must say I love multi-purpose items. Beds with storage, those awesome bunk beds that have a dresser and desk attached, those kind of things make me smile.

As such, I was tickled to see this:
Vienna Combo Crib and Changer

I'm not a huge fan of changing tables as a whole. I've been a nanny and have baby-sat more times than I can count, after all of that, I am well-versed at changing diapers on the couch, bed, floor, table... where ever. I love the idea of making changing tables out of dressers or desks because it is so much more practical and makes sense when thinking long-term. But having it built onto the crib, great idea.

Bringing me directly to this:
Natural All-In-One

Not only does it have an attached changing table/dresser, but also has under crib storage. Moreover, it can later be turned into a headboard & footboard with a separate dresser. Excuse me while I drool.

Ack, this is such a sickness.

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