Thursday, May 10, 2007

Medical stuff du jour

Today reaffirmed the reason I adore my doctor. Actually, I have never even seen the doctor in the practice, I've only ever seen the PA (and, unfortunately, one time I saw the male physician partnered with the female doctor in the practice and I despise him) and she's wonderful. During the super uncomfortable portions of the exam, she talked to me about a host of different things like my work, my new house, and the Husband. She also raved about my massive weight loss and continually said how beautiful I look.

The best part came when she asked if I had an OB picked out. Honestly, I had someone in mind, but I didn't want to get a biased answer from her so I said, "No, I was actually going to ask you if there was a particular physician or group that you use or would recommend."

She helped me sit up, looked me in the eye and said, "If I were you, I would pick Dr. Smith or Jones. I'm saying this as a friend, not as your doctor." Then she smiled. "And I will deny saying it if you repeat this!"

You can not find that honesty with most physicians, they are too interested in playing the political game than what's in their patient's best interest.

She mentioned that my cervix is slightly friable, but since my LMP began a mere eight days ago, it was easily explained away. Other than that, everything on the surface looked good, I got orders for some blood work and will be called with the results of that and my pap smear some time next week.

One hurdle down.

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Anonymous said...

good news overall

w/c to discuss obs, did you call ellen?