Thursday, May 31, 2007

Announcement questions

I have been thinking a lot about who to tell I am pregnant, when to tell them and how to tell them.

Obviously Husband will be the second to know (I'm kinda the first;-). I have a few ideas in mind of how to announce it to him, but I'm still not exactly sure. I love the idea of making it an event rather than just simply saying, "I'm pregnant!" But depending on how excited I am, I may just blurt it out!

I am betting on my mom being next in line. She lives next door to us now and is one of my best friends. We are super close and I can't imagine waiting longer than a day to tell her. However, again, I want to tell her in a special way, so we shall see if I can contain myself long enough to go through with the plan.

Husband will probably tell his parents. In all honesty, with their personalities and mindset, I will just probably buy them some flowers or something similar, not making it quite the event my mom will have.

As far as our friends go, I doubt we will do any sort of formal announcing. Husband will probably call his brother immediately because that's just how they are. Actually, Husband will probably blurt it out to all of our friends, he's just so excited.

My only concern is telling too many people too soon and something going wrong. I know it's very dark of me to even consider a miscarriage, but it is a reality that should be considered. I don't know if I could handle all the sympathy I'd get. Not that I wouldn't appreciate being comforted, but hearing "I'm so sorry" or "Is there anything I can do?" from twenty-five people can be overwhelming. I am fortunate to have compassionate friends, but hearing repetitive condolences would be hard.

Have I mentioned I tend to overanalyze?

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Rose said...

When I wanted to wait last time to tell people, a friend of mine who has lost 3 babies had wise words. She reminded me that if I tell someone and then lose the baby, I'd have a whole host of people who care about me and who would be there for me. If you don't tell and something goes wrong, you're alone in your suffering.

And FTR, I scoured those "How did you tell" message boards and websites when we first TTC. And then, the perfect idea came to me that was absolutely unique for our situation.

So hey, plan plan plan and then wait and see. :-)