Saturday, May 5, 2007

He may actually be ready

In many ways, Husband has been ready for a baby for a while now. He loves children and interacts with them well. Mostly because his maturity is right on their level ;-)

But when it comes to practical child care, more specifically baby care, he has been pretty uninterested. Anytime a baby cries or needs to be changed, he is more than happy to hand him or her off. Kind of typical for a guy, but not something that a woman who wants to have a baby with her partner wants to see.

I had a serious talk with Husband about this a while ago. I basically said that we are finally in a position financially, medically and relationship-wise to have a baby. This is something we both want and we both need to take it seriously. Part of that seriousness is that he needs to be committed to being a true partner with me in this. That means being willing to handle a crying baby and do all the ridiculous things people do to attempt to calm said baby. That also means changing diapers. With all substances enclosed. He's been unwilling to do this.

He called me tonight, very proud of himself.

He changed the nephew's diaper. A very, very messy diaper. And changed his outfit. All by himself.

I'm impressed.

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