Saturday, May 19, 2007

Even in my addiction, I find fault

Yes, I am still hopelessly addicted to nusery bedding and decor. One of my family members recently posted a picture on her blog of bunk beds from the uber expensive Posh Tots website. Posh Tots. I had not yet drooled over their bedding! You can see where this is going by now, can't you?

I will, of course share all the cutesy goodness with you of the bedding sets I love, but first a mini rant. I understand that you need to come up with catchy titles, names and themes for your nursery decor sets, but shouldn't they at least be logical?

Take this, for example:
Posh Tots Beach Baby Bedding

What about that bedding set says "Beach" to them? Safari? Perhaps, but definitely not beach. Come now folks, don't stretch my credibility albeit as a gullible consumer.

Posh Tots Lollipops Bedding

The lollipops I am not buying. Now a "State Fair" or "Circus" them, YES, but not lollipops.

Okay, now here's a total baby bedding love:
Sleepy Moon

And for the Husband:
Choo Choo Express

On another note, twelve days to go.

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