Thursday, May 29, 2008

18 weeks

Let me just say, there are no doubts what I am feeling now. This little one is MOVING! Oh my word, this is one active little baby. However, just like it is it's father's child because of the movement, it is also it's father's child because it likes it's sleep! I've noticed the baby seems most active in the evening, then winds down around 10 or 11 pm when I'm heading to bed. Thank you for being considerate and not kicking momma in the middle of the night, little one.

Had my third prenatal visit today and we were scheduled for our BIG ultrasound. Yes, that is all in caps because I can not wait to find out what this little wiggleworm is! And Husband and I will need all the time we can get to discuss a boy's name if it is a little boy. Trust me, it's needed.

So the BIG ultrasound is June 21. Unfortunately to get a 3D/4D ultrasound and be able to have my family present (and get a DVD copy of the ultrasound), I have to travel about 45 minutes away to an ultrasound clinic. Since this is my first term baby, I don't mind.

Today's appointment summary: Great heart beat, 133. Uterus measures right on target. And this time I even gained weight! Yeah, it was an issue last time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

17 weeks

Wow. I'm here.

This week did not go by without event. Event thanks to my clumsiness. I fell. Up the stairs. Yes, you read that right. Hey, anyone can fall DOWN the stairs, it takes a special talent to fall up the stairs. My knee and arm took the brunt of it, but I also did have some belly involvement so off to the ER we went. Thirty minutes later I found myself hooked up to the very interesting contraption known as the non stress monitor.

There were, thankfully, no contractions. And the baby was moving around like crazy with a nice, steady heart rate of 144.

So, basically, all is good. I feel weird saying that because part of me is waiting for something. It seems too good to be true (especially after the lovely comments made to me by my MIL), but it is real. And this baby will be here in about 4 1/2 months! Yay me :-)

Side note: In one week we have our next OB appointment. At that appointment we will be scheduled for our ultrasound. Our BIG ultrasound. Yay!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

15 weeks 2 days

So now I am not "just" in my second trimester, but I am IN my second trimester. Not just barely with my toe over the line, I am standing with both feet firmly planted over that invisble fence of trimester marking.

Only 2 1/2 more weeks until our next appointment where our "big" ultrasound will be scheduled. I am thrilled to be able to find out what the gender of my little one is and really be able to bond better with him or her. I know it sounds silly in some ways but I feel kind of disconnected not being able to speak to the baby with some sort of identity.

I feel occasional flutters. Not much and only when I am completely still and not distracted, but it's nice to feel a reassuring flutter every now and then.

I am so excited to be here and so excited to know my little bean is growing stronger and healthier every day :-)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

14 weeks 3 days

This week brought something truly exciting that is worthy of an update (because before this, to be honest, the only things I could think to say revolved around my never ending awe that I am still pregnant).

We had another OB appointment. This time I was able to meet the other doctor in the practice, an experience I didn't particularly want, but knew was inevitable. Fortunately for me, I have discovered that not just my beloved McDreamy is an awesome doc, but his partner as well. He was very kind, compassionate and understanding of my decision to not have a particular test run on me (even if the assistant was not quite as kind). Although my desire is to have dear ole McDreamy deliver me, I'd be comfortable to have his partner on call when I deliver. And I am even more thankful that I am delivering at a practice with only two doctors and not the five doc conglomerate that most people choose.

Pumpkin is still doing awesome! The doctor was able to find the heartbeat immediately and it was a strong 156. Pumpkin was still being it's usual uncooperative self (clearly Husband's child) and kept flipping all over the place when the doctor was trying to get the heartbeat, but I am completely okay with that. All that moving signals a strong, healthy baby which is all I can ask for.

I've lost eight pounds since my last appointment. The doctor looked at me kind of funny and asked if I've had a lot of morning sickness. He was shocked that I've lost that much in 4 weeks without morning sickness, but since the baby is still active and has a strong heartbeat, he isn't too concerned yet.

I'm officially in my second trimester. Unless something dramatic happens, my next appointment is in 3 1/2 weeks and we will schedule my "big" ultrasound then to find out what exactly my little Pumpkin is. The place they typically use (not the hospital where I've gone for my emergency ultrasounds) offers 3d and 4d ultrasounds, will allow anyone in that you want and send you home with lots of stills and a DVD. I'm excited to go to this place, even though it's farther away, simply for all the amenities it offers.

All I have to say is, "YAY!!!"