Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Updates du jour

Yet another example of how fantastic my PCP is: Had my appointment with her on Thursday, got orders for bloodwork. Had said blood drawn on Saturday morning, by Monday even she had called me with the results. Love that kind of turn around time.

The results were, by the way, normal.

Had a very, very interesting discussion with some friends of mine last night. I mentioned to one of them the names of OBs my doctor had recommended. Interestingly enough, the two docs are in the same practice as the doctor I had thought of (who was recently named one of the top 150 doctors of various specialties in the Pittsburgh area). So when I brought up these names to my friends, two of them raved about the doctor I had originally wanted to see. It feels great to get confirmation that she's a good doctor and someone I could work with.

Sixteen days to go.

This is my last cycle before we start TTC.


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