Thursday, August 9, 2007

Playing the name game

Husband and I have had a difficult time agreeing on baby names. Well, boy's names to be exact. We had agreed on two girls' names, complete with middle names, but we have so many friends with children of the same names, we changed our minds. Now, we have one girl's name, first and middle, but are still having a raging boy's name battle.

Husband is Italian. He wants our son to have a very Italian name. He has suggested Rocco. Yes, I am serious.

The other night we were watching TV together and an Italian couple was on with their four children, all with very Italian names.

Krissy: "I like the name Gianni"

Husband: "Ew"

Krissy: "Well, do you have a better suggestion?"

Husband: "Marcello" big cheesy grin

Krissy: "Here we go again"

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