Sunday, August 12, 2007

No updates, really

Have tested thrice, same response. Obviously an unfavorable one.


I am only 11dpo. I am testing too early. I am obsessed.

One reason I tested so early: I want to announce the pregnancy to dh in one specific way which requires him to leave the house before me, preferrably when I am still in bed. That won't happen again until Thursday, so I was trying to find out this weekend.

I also have fairly short LPs (around twelve days, which spotting that begins at 11dpo), so I thought that the test would work for me, even though it's so early.

I bought a three pack of tests, used them all. Today, after church, I had to run to the grocery store for some ingredients for dinner and also for my lunch stuff for next week. It was inevitable that I buy a test (even though I dislike buying tests at this particular store because they are so pricey).

Now, to muster the patience to NOT test until later in the week...

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