Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Husband, he's funny

A while ago, he came home with a piece from the paper (the Dear Abby section, I have no clue why he was reading that particular section) about breastfeeding and said, "Thought you'd be interested in this." Kinda surprised me because it was tough to convince him, initially, of the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding. He really wanted to be able to feed the baby, but I showed him all the data and also told him that since I'd be solely in charge of feedings for the first year or so, we could make bath time "Daddy time". 100% bonding between Dad & baby, no interference from Mom.

Today he came home with two additional articles. Neither provided me with any new info, but was totally new for him. The first was about teaching infants sign language and he said, "Do you think we should do this?" I smiled and said, "We were going to."

The second article was about living diaper-free. He said, "I'm shocked you don't want to do this." I explained to him that I did, but with as difficult as the concept of cloth diapers was for him to handle, I figured being diaper-free would be too much for him to handle. I've learned to pick my battles and, even though I'd like to at least attempt it, I don't feel so passionate about this that I would fight for it like I do about exclusive bfing, not circing and selective vaccination. He shrugged and said, "Well, it sounds interesting." Coming from Husband, that's darn near a ringng endorsement!

I gotta say, I *heart* the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for these articles. I think the husband may be becoming crunchy :-D

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