Friday, August 31, 2007

Dates and thoughts

I know that if I get pregnant this month (and please, God, let it be so!), I would be due in May. I love that because my birthday is in May. I love Emeralds, so my Mother's ring (or necklace or whatever) will have at least one stone in it I love.

I figured I'd play around with due dates and went to one of the websites that calculates it for you. Well, it calculates it based on your LMP, however I'm ovulating later this month than I normally do, so the date of conception is wrong. Based on the dates they gave me, I added the missing days to it (I'm Oing today) and came up with some interesting dates:

My EDD would be May 25, 2008. My birthday.

The end of my first trimester would be November 9, 2007. My dad's birthday.

I really need to get off of here and start cleaning, but I had to point that out. Even if it's only to myself.

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Sarah said...

Krissy--how funny, I am ovulating today as well! (I think!!) I know, I checked on my EDD and it was May 25 as well. Which would be SOO perfect for me as a teacher...