Sunday, June 10, 2007

A whole new kind of date

When I was dating, I would excitedly mark the the calendar when I had a date planned and stare at the big red circle constantly. Shocking that I treated a date with such obsession, huh?

At this stage in my life, dates means something totally different, but the same obsession still applies. Right now my world revolves around temperatures, ovulation dates, how many days I am past ovulation, implantation dipping and missed periods.

Although I haven't even had a positive OPK yet (and don't get me started on that complaint), I decided to calc a possible due date, for the humor of it all. I'd be due in March. I'm cool with that.

And, interestingly enough, if this and the next cycle follow suit and are exactly like they should be (commence with the laughter... now!), my due date if I get pg next cycle would be my SIL and niece's bday. Lovely.

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