Thursday, June 7, 2007

Okay egg, where might you be hiding?

I'm getting impatient.

Wait, that's not true. To say I am getting impatient implies I was patient to begin with!

I took my very first OPK today and expected to see a faint test line, indicating that, while not yet surging, my LH was on an upward turn. With OPKs a few days before ovulation, you get faint test lines because the LH is building, then the test line becomes darker than the control line when you're actually about to ovulate (about 24-48 hours before ovulation).

Unfortunately, there was not even a tiny, faint line.

Granted I don't trust OPKs implicitly, but still I was hoping to get a little signal saying, "Okay, Krissy, your O date is coming!"

Sigh. If I'm this bad in the ovulation wait, the 2ww is going to be interesting.

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