Monday, June 4, 2007

In my very best Chandler Bing voice...

Could AF be any longer? Honestly, she's hanging out forever. Am currently on CD7 and still spotting.

Time is going incredibly slow.

Upsides though:

Husband, who is not a reader (shocking that I married the guy, I love to read) has actually agreed to read some books about fatherhood and parenting. Because of our faith and the parenting philosophies that I plan to use, I purchased some books by Dr. Sears the other day and Husband has been actively reading them with no prompting from me.

When AF began, Husband said, "As upset as I am that your at that time, for obvious reasons, I am also thrilled. This means it's really beginning."

Retail therapy, especially that in which I get good deals, does wonders for my disposition. Saturday I bought a whole bunch of summer clothes at Kohl's for the whopping total of $25.84 (five shorts for me, one shirt for Husband). The shopping spree then spilled over to Target, where I picked up three pairs of shorts and a pair of capris for another $25.00.

Go me!

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Anonymous said...

and you didnt take me shopping? no fair!