Saturday, June 16, 2007

These signs weren't on my driver's exam

I swear, during this nerve-wracking time known as the two week wait, absolutely everything that happens to your body is a sign.

I'm speaking of myself when I make this judgemental statement. Increased urination? I'm pregnant. Feeling gassy? A clearer sign than EPT. Increased appetite? Let's go buy maternity clothes.

I've even begun analyzing every nuance of my body, looking for something out of the ordinary. After all, not every woman has identical pregnancy symptoms. Many have something that is unique to them which signals pregnancy. So the odd vibration sensations in my lower stomach? An obvious sign.

Husband reminded me today of my mom's ability to stop her birth control medicine, declare "I want a baby now" and get pregnant. He also reminded me of the long line of accidental pregnancies in my family.

He thinks our first month may be our last. I would love for him to be right.

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