Thursday, March 6, 2008

Six Weeks

No picture this time, nothing's really changed.

I am getting concerned that I have zero morning sickness. I was a little nauseated when I was at the grocery store shopping today, but as soon as I ate something, it went away.

Still have tender boobs, a hard belly and I'm completely exhausted so I'm assuming that's all still good. The best part is: NO SPOTTING! Yes, that does deserve all caps because it is soooo stinking exciting.

If I never get morning sickness then I am just going to assume that I am incredibly blessed with a pleasant pregnancy and be thankful for it.

Right now, I'm just happy to be six weeks. I'm happy I've beaten my previous pregnancy milestone. I am happy to have another chance to be a mom.

Now please excuse me while I do my nightly embryo bedtime story. Yes, I am that weird.

FTR: A gender poll will be finding it's way into creation in about a month. If you want to participate, email me your info and you'll be on my poll mailing list.

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