Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 weeks

Brought a scare.

More pain, this time very AF like cramping. Some slight pink spotting. And I do mean slight. Slight enough most people would dismiss it, but present enough to scare me into remembering the last time I saw pink spotting followed shortly by red blood and the loss of my baby.

After a frantic phone call to an understanding doctor, I found myself on my back in a dark ultrasound room at the hospital having both an external and internal ultrasound. The external ultrasound brought no comment or facial expression from my ultrasound tech.

My internal ultrasound brought the most amazing sound I've ever heard: my baby's heartbeat. When it began I looked over at her and said, "Is..." to which she smiled, nodded and said, "The heartbeat." She then called my doctor had a quick phone conference with him and then let me know I am measuring perfectly on schedule and the baby has a good, strong heartbeat.

I've never been this happy. I've never felt the need to cry this much. I am so much in love right now I can not even attempt to form words to describe the overflowing joy in my heart.

I'm pregnant. I finally believe it. I am finally excited about it.

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