Friday, March 21, 2008

Eight weeks

Technically eight weeks and one day since I was too tired to update yesterday.

Wow. I've made it to eight weeks.

Every day feels like a step higher on a ladder, and every weeks feels like I've reached the top of Mount Everest. I know it seems like such a small accomplishment, but I truly feel like each week is a huge event. I was scared I wouldn't make it to the point where I lost my baby last time and here I am almost twice as far into my pregnancy.

We received the ultrasound images this week. I cried as soon as I opened it and realized that was my baby. The road to get here has been so hard and so long. I've cried so many tears and suffered so much heartache that I can barely believe it's actually happened.

Even typing this I'm crying because I feel so blessed to have this opportunity even though I probably don't deserve it.

Oh and this can not go without mentioning: A major milestone has been reached. In medical terminology, I no longer am carrying an embryo, but a fetus. Hey, it's the little things that make me happy :-)


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Cassie said...

Congratulations on 8 weeks! It's a great accomplishment! Hooray for two months!!