Sunday, August 3, 2008

27w3d Third Trimester

Not a whole lot to update on except the fact I have a very active son! He likes to kick Momma and willingly kicks Daddy at least once a day. Daddy refuses to go to sleep (or let Momma sleep) until our little guy has kicked at least once for him to feel.

I made a proclamation at work. I finally let them know I would NOT be returning to the out of home workforce once my boy is here. It wasn't a warm reception to my announcement, but it was necessary. I'm not egotistical enough to think I am irreplaceable, but I know how things work in my office and I know that anyone who comes in would benefit more (as would my boss) from being with me for a few weeks and observing, plus performing my job with me there to help, would be better for both my boss and the new person.

So far Baby A (yep, we have a name and no, I am not going to say it just yet) has had not one but TWO train rides. We rode one at Idlewild park (plus Mr. Rogers' trolley) and then rode another yesterday at the steam show. Daddy is already brainwashing him into loving trains :-)

I feel blessed and I feel content. I can't really complain about this pregnancy because I've had no morning sickness, no heartburn, no major problem just exhausted a lot. I've had a very easy pregnancy with this little guy.

And I just can't wait to meet him.

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