Sunday, July 13, 2008

24 weeks 3 days

At the onset of this pregnancy, I was praying to make it to six weeks. I've now arrived at six months. I can barely believe it.

Not to sound morbid, but we've reached viability. I have no reason to think that anything will go wrong or that I will have extreme preterm labor, but for someone who has experienced pregnancy loss, knowing I've carried my son long enough he may survive outside the womb means a whole lot.

Only two weeks until I hit my third trimester. The second trimester seemed to last forever, I will be almost as excited to reach my third as I was when I made it out of that scary first trimester.

We may have a name picked out! I don't want to jinx it by actually uttering the name, but we've reached the end of the baby name book and have no better options. The only reason (I recently realized) that Husband disagreed with this particular name choice was because he didn't like one of the two possible nicknames. After I assured him that it is an obscure nickname for this particular name and we don't have to call him that name, he seemed a little more into using this name. Thank God. This has been a painful process.

Tomorrow we are doing our baby registry! I finally have completed my shower invites and have them ordered, so doing the registry and getting the cards from the stores we choose is the final step! I can't believe the shower is only two months away. It kept feeling like it was forever, but now it's just right around the corner!

Since I mentioned preterm labor, I guess I should say now (since my feelings this pregnancy have been pretty dead on) that I have a feeling I am going to have my son a little early. Not much, just a couple of weeks, but I would be very surprised if I made it to 40 weeks. I think the combination of knowing he is a little big plus the dreams I've had have made me feel this way. Either way, I will just be thrilled to hold my little guy finally!

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