Monday, February 18, 2008

Okay, I believe it.

I am pregnant. I am cautiously happy right now. A call to the doctor's office yielded... nothing. I explained to the unfriendly receptionist that Dr. McDreamy thought I had a low progesterone issue and, thus put me on Clomid. I went on to explain that I just got a positive home pregnancy test and because of a questionable low progesterone issue, I was wondering if he'd want to check my progesterone.

She informed me that he is out of the office for the afternoon and would not be getting back to me until tomorrow afternoon when he returned.

My question (which I didn't bother mentioning to the unfriendly one): If a patient who has had a history of a miscarriage and possibly has low progesterone calls stating she has a positive pregnancy test, wouldn't you try to get some info on this sooner than the next afternoon???

Irregardless of her, I am much calmer in this pregnancy. I feel more secure in it. The fact my HPTs are getting darker is adding to this newfound confidence.

Here is to a confortable, happy 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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