Monday, July 2, 2007

Holding patterns suck

In the message boards I'm on and of all the blinkies I've seen, much is made of the "two week wait" post ovulation until testing time. But I am currently in the midst of another kind of two week wait, waiting to ovulate.

I really dislike this wait. At least after I ovulate I have the "I've done all I can do, now it's my turn to trust God and trust my body and let go". Right now I feel such pressure to monitor every idiosyncrasy of my body so that I don't overlook an ovulation symptom to make sure our BD timing is correct. And last month I missed the cues and, while our BD timing wasn't horrible, it obviously wasn't good enough.

This particular point in my cycle makes me beat myself up expecting perfection, and an almost ESP like ability to time my BD correctly. Yes, I chart religiously and even use those blasted OPKs that counfound me monthly, but I still feel like I am under such pressure right now. BION, the two week post O wait is much more relaxing for me.

I am just weird like that ;-)

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Liana said...

Thanks for writing this.