Thursday, May 29, 2008

18 weeks

Let me just say, there are no doubts what I am feeling now. This little one is MOVING! Oh my word, this is one active little baby. However, just like it is it's father's child because of the movement, it is also it's father's child because it likes it's sleep! I've noticed the baby seems most active in the evening, then winds down around 10 or 11 pm when I'm heading to bed. Thank you for being considerate and not kicking momma in the middle of the night, little one.

Had my third prenatal visit today and we were scheduled for our BIG ultrasound. Yes, that is all in caps because I can not wait to find out what this little wiggleworm is! And Husband and I will need all the time we can get to discuss a boy's name if it is a little boy. Trust me, it's needed.

So the BIG ultrasound is June 21. Unfortunately to get a 3D/4D ultrasound and be able to have my family present (and get a DVD copy of the ultrasound), I have to travel about 45 minutes away to an ultrasound clinic. Since this is my first term baby, I don't mind.

Today's appointment summary: Great heart beat, 133. Uterus measures right on target. And this time I even gained weight! Yeah, it was an issue last time.

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