Thursday, April 26, 2007

When addictions collide

I think that the baby obsession I have is obvious, a lesser known, but equally pathetic compulsion of mine is interior design. I've put innumerable hours into painstakingly searching for the ideal themes and accents for my home. I take pride in being a creative, yet sophisticated person and like my home to reflect that. I am also huge on having my home be a "show piece" so to speak. I enjoy the fact that our friends drool when they visit.

Unfortunately today, two of my major fixations met for coffee, got to know each other and before you knew it were married in Vegas forming an unholy union known as Nursery Decor. Moreover, the "Rate My Space" gallery of nursery decor available on

In addition to spending copious amounts of time on said website, I was reminded of a favorite guilty pleasure of mine, Babies R Us. Yes, I can hear the groaning already. It's an overpriced pit filled with useless objects in cute shapes and colors to lure emotional new parents, family and friends into bankruptcy. But they do have some amazing bedding sets.

Since the last time I ventured down this destructive path, some new ones have been added. Enjoy the descent into frivolosity (my new word o' the day):

Lambs & Ivy Froggy Tales

Green Acres by Glenna Jean

Dream With Me by Glenna Jean

Dragonfly by Baby Fish

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