Thursday, April 5, 2007

The problem arises

Since I am not entirely convinced that pregnancy is a real possibility (because my mind plays these games with me and makes up symptoms), I couldn't justify spending a fortune on an expensive super-sensitive home pregnancy test. So I bought an uber-cheap Dollar Tree HPT.

As I previously stated, I have not been paying attention to my cycle at all this month, so I can't even confirm my O date to know where I am in my cycle. Since I am unsure, I know I should use FMU (first morning urine) to assure the best chance of a correct result.

But, um, hello! I am a woman who wants a baby, has a (very slight) possibility of pregnancy and a home pregnancy test. Yeah, this will be a fun night.

Oh and let's not forget that I am intentionally not telling Husband about my symptoms when, in conjunction with his observation, are leading me on this crazy thought pattern, this means I have to not test and not mention testing tonight.

Thank God I have a busy night ahead of me to keep my mind occupied.

[FTR: As with many things, HPTs are super cheap for companies to make, but, by playing on the emotions of wanna-be parents, they mark up their prices to a ridiculous level. A HPT from the Dollar Tree is the same sensitivity as some more expensive ones.]

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