Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughts on procreating

I am an on-the-go person. My work schedule is crazy, long hours, mentally exhausting work. My days off are laden with the dozens of commitments I have made to friends and family. Not typically considered to be conducive to having children.

I'm also a little on the OCD side of life. Despite the big, furry ball of love (aka The Dog) that resides in our house, it's immaculate and I am stringent about keeping it that way. Again, not always feasible with little ones.

Finally, I like my "me time". When I've had a crazy/hectic day, knowing I can grab my current book or magazine of choice and waste a few minutes reading. Once a child enters your life, the word "me" can pretty much be forgotten.

These are the things that keep coming to me, that keep making me think I'm not ready in some ways to have a baby.

Sheesh I am way too analytical sometimes.

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