Monday, March 26, 2007

Four days ago my nephew was born

Over the course of the past five and a half years of marriage, the subject of children has come up repeatedly. There were always reasons, logical reasons, not to have them. And, surprisingly, on my reflection of this, almost all my criteria has been met.

  • Buy a house: Check
  • Husband have secure career making substantial income: Check
  • Become physically fit: Check
  • Be financially stable: Check
  • Have full medical coverage: Check
  • Have familial support nearby: Check
  • Have close friends with young children: Check
  • Be informed about parenting: Check

So when my nephew was born, and both Husband and I became so excited and enthralled with this new little being, even more delighted than the new father, I just felt like it was finally time to make the decision. I've thrown out dates before, but always found reasons to back out. Now? Well, now I have a deep longing and no good reason to prolong this any further.

We've finally, finally decided that this time there will not be a rescheduling of our TTC date. It is not a year in the future. It is not some random date chosen out of a heart of desperation for a baby with no logical input applied. This is our painstakingly thought out and planned date to try for our first baby. And this time, it will not change.

I don't yet know who I will choose to share this blog with. It's going to contain so many of my personal outcryings and emotional ramblings, I am scared to put it out there to all those I know.

Welcome to the world, little one, and thanks for stirring my heart enough to finally make a decision. I love you.

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