Sunday, November 2, 2008

40 weeks 3 days

I am realizing people say some pretty interesting things to women who are have gone past their due date. Here is a helpful list of things NOT to say to such a woman:

  • "Still pregnant?!?!?!" Said with varying levels of incredulity. I think the entire lack of a child in my arms is a pretty good indicator.
  • "My aunt/cousin/niece/sister/random stranger did X and had her baby within 24 hours." If I wanted a sure fire way to have my child, I'd take the pitocin evil on-call OB would so willingly offer me. And if/when I want a natural induction, I'll ask for help or consult on-call midwife.
  • Please do not correct me, especially about something trivial. I am tired, cranky, worried and all other sorts of emotions, I just need to rant sometimes without being corrected.
  • "If you drop any further, he will be between your knees!" I am carrying him, I know exactly how low he is. Trust me.
  • "I went three weeks past my due date with my first." Not helpful. Really not helpful.
  • Any comment on my size. Any. I know I don't have a very large belly. I know I haven't gained a lot of weight with this baby, but both the doctors and I are confident based on his size and heart rate that he is healthy and the other numbers really don't count.
  • "He'll come when he is ready." No, really? DUH!
  • "He's waiting for the Steeler game/the election/some other specific day." Really? Have you been consulting with my still-in-utero child without my knowledge? Nice to know he talks more to random people than he does to the woman who has carried him for the past nine months and contributed half of his DNA.
  • "Maybe your due date is wrong." I have been using NFP for many years now, I know how to chart. Beyond that, I know I ovulated on February 7th. In case you need it taken one step further, coitus: 2/7 at 1:30 pm, ovulation: 2/7 at 4:30 pm. I know my due date.

There are more, but these are the only ones I've encountered recently. Stay tuned for more rants from the preggo chick ;-)


Me said...

Good ones! I guess my hope is that he is being cooperative - that he knows you don't want him to come this weekend with that on-call OB, so perhaps he is planning a more convenient arrival for you! Hope he clues you in soon. - Tkeys

Me said...

Just realized my comment might have sounded like one of your "no-nos." I guess I'm trying to say I hope it all works out how you hope in the end, and that the end gets here sooner rather than later!

Krissy said...

LOL no, your comment is just fine! Actually I was just cranky when I wrote this because all weekend long all I've heard from everyone around me is, "No baby yet???" It's kinda like all the crazy TTC advice/comments you get about what worked for people and how you need to just be patient, KWIM?

Krissy said...
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Sarah said...

I can't wait to see pics of your little one!! Hope he gets here soon!