Friday, April 4, 2008

10 weeks

Technically 1ow1d because I stink and didn't update yesterday. Yes, you may beat me later for that.

I know I say this every week, but I can hardly believe I'm here! I've come into the double digits of pregnancy! It seems surreal that in less than a week I will be able to hear my baby's heartbeat with a doppler (if I had a doppler to use, that is).

The whole lack of everything bad you hear about the first trimester (pain, morning sickness, mood swings, etc) makes it still hard to believe I am truly pregnant. I do cry a lot and I am exhausted all the time, but nothing near the horror stories so many people portray. I feel fortunate, but it still feels as if it's happening to someone else and not me.

Our first OB appointment was this week. It went wonderfully from my standpoint. The doctor did not get the heartbeat on the doppler, but I was prepared for that since it is so early. Otherwise, my uterus measures on schedule, my pelvis measures a good size for passing a baby and all my bloodwork and urinalysis is awesome. Even cynical Husband liked Dr. McDreamy.

Only 4 more weeks until the next appointment where I get to hear that wonderful little heartbeat!

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