Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am getting so angry right now

For once, this has nothing to do with TTC.

I am getting sick and tired of having "Welcome" tattooed across my body. I am tired of going out of my way, of asking my friends to do favors for me, of working my butt off for other people and then having them completely disregard me.

I am tired of causing fights between me and Husband because his friend is mad at him for calling in said favor. I am tired of people making rash decisions based on emotion rather than thinking carefully about what they is really best for them.

And really, if this person would think about it, they would realize that the person they think just loves and adores them may be a big, fat liar whereas I have their best interest at heart.

Or, at least, I used to. If they value their future so little, then I won't bother stressing myself out for them.

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patrice said...

Krissy, I found your blog when I googled "There is no foot so small". That was the quote I used for my son Cole's memorial folder. I lost him on October 26th. He was 23 days old. I googled the quote because unbelievably, I need to find another quote to use for his twin sister Lina's memorial folder. She passed away on Friday.

You can read more about my story at It is painful though, and you might not want to go there right now.

I am so, so terribly sorry for the loss of your son Lucas. I wish you peace and the very best of luck in the pursuit of your family. All my babies (I also have a 3yo dd) are IVF babies. I know your struggle and your pain.