Sunday, October 5, 2008

36 weeks 3 days

Remember that 17 lbs above pre pregnancy weight thing? Umm, yeah, not so much. As of last visit I was 13 lbs above pre preg weight.

You must be saying, "But wait, in your last trimester, especially your last month, you are supposed to just gain." Ahh, but I am not your average bear! In one week I lost a pound and the following week I lost 3 more. Upshot of it all? Doctor doesn't care one bit. I'm very thankful I chose a small practice with laid back personnel. And since I feed them most times I come, they love me :-) I'm glad he doesn't care because I was a little concerned even though I'm a firm believer in not holding women to unrealistic guidelines.

I've loved being pregnant. I've loved every minute of it. But I am beginning to understand why women say they are ready. I feel ready for him to come. Not ready in the sense my house is ready. Not ready in the sense that his clothes are ready. Not ready in the sense that I feel like "mom", but ready in the sense that I am physically ready to not be pregnant. I'm ready to hold him, cuddle him, nurse him and love him.

This week has brought about some undesirable pregnancy side effects. I've had more swelling. Only in my feet and only yesterday after being on them all day walking around a festival. I've had heartburn. I've never had heartburn in my life so I actually had to ask someone what heartburn felt like to be sure it is what I was experiencing. This is the first time my doula has asked me how I am and I've replied in the negative.

Yes, I'm very ready.


Reiza said...

My midwives always say that, at the end, when you start losing, you're about to deliver. I lost 1 lb (my first loss in 20 weeks) the week ds was born.

Mandy and Russel said...

Oh Krissy, it won't be long now! I'm sure you just CANNOT wait to see that beautiful little face!

Me said...

You are so close - just a few more days and you are full-term! I haven't had the swelling yet, but the heartburn is a killer - I also had to ask what it was when I first got it, because I never had it even for a day before being pregnant! I'm glad to hear your doctors are so wonderful! I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one not really gaining weight during pregnancy! Feel better, and I hope your baby decides to make a slightly early appearance. - TKeys